Canada Geese Protection Colorado was formed by concerned citizens from across the City and County of Denver after 1,662 geese were captured and slaughtered in Denver without public notice in 2019. We are activists fighting to dismantle the injustices our city subjected its people and non-human animals to.

We advocate for sentient recognition. Join our fight.

“Each time you see that indelible V-formation, be grateful for the perfect moment to be alive.
And should you hear the geese calling, drink it in, knowing you have been touched with the indescribable magnificence of the Canada Geese.”
~Barbara Klide


Together we can learn how to coexist with wildlife in urban settings, protect those species who cannot speak for themselves, and hold our public officials accountable to principles of transparency to and public engagement with the public they serve.

About Canada Geese

What Happened in 2019?

You Can Have an Impact!

We share our environment with many difference species. Canada Geese have unique qualities, endearing them to us. From mating for life to migrating across continents, they are a noble animal worthy of our respect.

In late June 2019, Denver residents woke to find Canada geese missing from our parks. After research, citizens found that Denver Parks and Recreation hired USDA Wildlife Services to exterminate up to 2000 geese in Denver with little to no notice or ability for public comment. This was the genesis of Canada Geese Protection Colorado.

We are an all volunteer organization and have achieved significant impact. Please get involved and help save our geese. Whether you participate in existing efforts, or figure out new ways to help, we welcome you.


Keeping you up to date with current events, news, actions, and updates about Denver’s Canada Goose management plans and our organizations efforts. Click below to learn more about recent news, or visit our blog.

Saving our Geese

The core team and volunteers have been hard at work on: Investigation, research, short- and long-term response planning, and more. Please connect with us to help save our geese.

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