Our Mission

Canada Geese Protection Colorado (CGPC), is a Denver based, anti-oppression, grassroots, direct action, nonprofit, focusing on decolonizing public spaces, ecological justice, and sentient advocacy. CGPC views environmental justice as an extension of social justice, and we recognize further advocacy is needed for marginalized populations to expand and include non-human animals and our native ecosystems.  

Neuroscience research, endorsed by the 2012 Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, identifies animals as sentient beings. CGPC advocates for humane methods of engagement with Canada geese and wildlife who are recognized as part of our urban ecosystem.  

We believe that nature has an inherent value and Colorado’s relationship towards the environment should stem from a position of abundant respect, value and care, not from a framework of extraction and ‘manifest destiny’. A “normative” approach to the environment reinforces colonization of lands and disregards the inherent value of sentient beings and land itself.  

CGPC’s efforts have expanded to include lake cleanups, community outreach, and environmental education. Over a two-year period, we removed over 12,000 gallons of harmful waste, plastic pollution, including tires, weapons, fishing wire, furniture, and much more from lakes within our city parks. These efforts help to provide safer and healthier ecosystems for our waterfowl, amphibians, plants, aquatic microorganisms, and our human neighbors. 

Photo by Merri Crawford

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