Lake Cleanup

Join Canada Geese Protection Colorado, and other community members for our 2022 Lake Cleanup events! Community members collect trash and make the environment a safer place for birds, turtles, fish, and other animals to live.

The all-ages, family-friendly event provides a safe and humane activity that helps wildlife in our community, and allows community members to become better acquainted with the lake ecosystem.

Last year CGPC had six lake cleanup events throughout the spring and fall collecting 2500+ gallons of plastic and trash.

Our first 2022 cleanup event took place on April 23rd at Barnum Lake. We will be sharing a list of upcoming cleanup dates/locations, so be sure to check our events page. Let’s help clean the lake for the migratory Canada Geese, waterfowl, birds, and wildlife that rely on the its water!

Note: Denver Parks & Recreations requires that a liability waiver be signed. A DPR representative will be on site with waiver forms. Trash bags, trash pickers, waders, and buckets will be provided. There are a limited number of gloves available.

Please consider the following:
• Wear a cloth mask optional.
• Clean and sanitize tools.
• Bring your own gloves.
• Bring your own water jug/plenty of water/cups.
• Dress appropriately for weather.
• Sturdy footwear (no open toe shoes).
• Hat is recommended.
• Children must be supervised.

Canada Geese watching as we clean their lake
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