Out of Sadness and Frustration We Were Formed

Canada Geese Protection Colorado is a grassroots organization, formed by Denver residents after 1600+ geese in Denver parks were exterminated without public notice in 2019. We are dedicated to protecting Colorado’s Canada Geese, birds of prey, and other avian species from being killed to control their population. We support humane, non-lethal methods.

Shortly after the initial goose captures and killings, we pressured the city for answers to what had happened to the geese, what their plans were for the coming year, and whether they would be willing to work with us. Our members have spoken to the Denver City Council, the Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, organized, participated, and attended forums at the Multicultural Mosaic Foundation, the University of Denver, and City Park Friends and Neighbors.

As 2020 began, we worked with Denver Parks and Rec to provide volunteers to help oil sufficient numbers of eggs. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the City canceled the program. We continue to advocate on behalf of transparency, public engagement, partnership, and the humane treatment of Canada geese and other avian species in Colorado.

We are an all volunteer organization with a core team that helps guide the group’s efforts.

There is much work to do, please take action today.

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