ALERT: Lethal Take of Denver’s Canada Geese Imminent

Denver’s resident Canada geese have molted, are currently unable to fly, and are likely to be captured and killed over the next few weeks. CONTACT YOUR CITY REPRESENTATIVES NOWTO HELP PREVENT THIS SLAUGHTER.

At Denver’s recent Sustainability and Resiliency Committee, Vicki Vargas Madrid, Wildlife Specialist with the City and County of Denver, confirmed that between 350 and 400 Canada geese are slated to be rounded up and killed by USDA Wildlife Services across Denver in the next few weeks. While the capture could occur at any of Denver’s lakes, it appears Sloan’s Lake and Garfield Lake Park are prime targets.

This is despite year-long outcry and opposition from the public, a 5,000 plus signature petition to Mayor Hancock asking for the killing to stop, a 2019 lawsuit alleging the 2019 cull broke the law, and a lawsuit recently filed by Friends of Animals and Canada Geese Protection Colorado against the USDA Wildlife Services’ 2020 permit to capture and kill up to 4,000 Canada geese across Colorado.

YOU CAN HELP! Please email and call your City Council representative, Mayor Hancock, and Denver Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in opposition to any killing of Canada geese before fully implementing non-lethal and humane methods of population control and without direct, meaningful, substantive public notification and engagement.
Call and email today, tomorrow, now ! There is no time to waste.

If neither the lawsuit nor the voice of the public manages to stop the 2020 killing, then it is important we bear peaceful witness to this act of unnecessary violence and give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Please contact us if you are able to volunteer for goose watch duty by emailing Ellen Kessler , who is coordinating the watches.

For the geese,

Canada Geese Protection Colorado


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