CGPC Lake Watch: A teaser for a Canada Geese Protection Colorado citizen science effort Lake Watch is a citizen science effort being initiated in metro-Denver to help improve the scientific understanding of urban lakes and ponds as wildlife habitats. Members of the public are encouraged to join the effort to observe, evaluate, and…

CGPC calls for continued action although Denver hints at not killing Canada geese in 2021

August 10, 2020, Denver, CO - Canada Geese Protection Colorado (CGPC) acknowledges the recent “Update Summary of 2020 Goose Management Efforts” by Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) Deputy Executive Director Scott Gilmore that “although we do not have final data…

First Gentleman Marlon Reis calls for Colorado to exhaust all non-lethal options before killing Canada geese

First Gentleman Marlon Reis calls for a "forward-thinking approach to urban wildlife management" and shares that wildlife biologists say Denver Parks and Recreation's "year-to-year culling of urban wildlife is costly to taxpayers, scientifically ineffective as a long-term solution, and woefully inhumane."

ACTION ALERT: Stacie Gilmore, wife of Scott Gilmore, may be elevated to president of Denver’s city council TONIGHT!

CGPC) has learned Stacie Gilmore (District 11) may be voted president of Denver City Council tonight, July 20, 2020. A vote for Gilmore is unacceptable to CGPC due to the conflict of interest presented by her husband, Scott Gilmore, being DPR's Deputy Director. Contact your city council member today and tell them you do not support this.

City of Denver oversees Garland Park round-up of Canada Geese at dawn

In the pre-dawn hours of Friday, July 10, 2020, Denver Parks and Recreation and the USDA Wildlife Services herded Denver's Canada geese out of the water, corralled them tightly in fences, picked them up by their necks and wings, stuffed them into crates, and trucked them off to be slaughtered. Canada Geese Protection Colorado members and members of the public bore witness to this unnecessary act this morning at Garland Park.