ACTION ALERT: Stacie Gilmore, wife of Scott Gilmore, may be elevated to president of Denver’s city council TONIGHT!

CGPC) has learned Stacie Gilmore (District 11) may be voted president of Denver City Council tonight, July 20, 2020. A vote for Gilmore is unacceptable to CGPC due to the conflict of interest presented by her husband, Scott Gilmore, being DPR's Deputy Director. Contact your city council member today and tell them you do not support this.

City of Denver oversees Garland Park round-up of Canada Geese at dawn

In the pre-dawn hours of Friday, July 10, 2020, Denver Parks and Recreation and the USDA Wildlife Services herded Denver's Canada geese out of the water, corralled them tightly in fences, picked them up by their necks and wings, stuffed them into crates, and trucked them off to be slaughtered. Canada Geese Protection Colorado members and members of the public bore witness to this unnecessary act this morning at Garland Park.

Park police intimidate citizen lawfully witnessing Canada goose round up at Garfield Park, Denver

Early this morning, a Denver citizen was intimidated and unlawfully prevented from observing the round-up of Canada geese which occurred July 9, 2020 in Garfield Park. She writes, "They had two cops parked in a parking lot on Mississippi next to one another facing opposite ways. One of them aggressively whipped out of the parking lot right when they saw us and sped up then got right behind us. Clearly trying to intimidate us from going to the park..."

City and federal agencies ignore public outcry over planned slaughter of Canada geese in Denver

DENVER _ Canada Geese Protection Colorado (CGPC) anticipates that Denver Parks and Recreation and its contractor, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Division, will, at any moment, begin the unethical round up and slaughter of up to 4,000 resident Canada geese in Colorado, process them, feed them to those suffering food insecurity, and, in doing so, fail to heed the voice of citizens and experts calling for an end to this unnecessary and cruel injustice to humans and animals alike.

ALERT: Lethal Take of Denver’s Canada Geese Imminent

Denver’s resident Canada geese have molted, are currently unable to fly, and are likely to be captured and killed over the next few weeks. CONTACT YOUR CITY REPRESENTATIVES NOWTO HELP PREVENT THIS SLAUGHTER. At Denver’s recent Sustainability and Resiliency Committee, Vicki…

CGPC Questions Denver’s transparency about 2020 goose management with 4CBS Denver

Dr. Carole Woodall, CGPC co-founder and core team leader says, “They have stated in writing that they have not made a decision whether or not they are going to cull the geese, however why would there then be the need to have a depredation permit and a contract with USDA? So that’s something that needs to be asked of them.".