Killing of Canada geese begins again in Denver

On July 8, 2020, in the quiet early morning hours at sunrise along the peaceful banks of Sloan’s Lake, Eve Ruiz Ulloa witnessed Denver’s hired contractors – USDA APHIS Wildlife Services – round up Canada geese at Sloan’s Lake. She shares, “I was at Sloan’s Lake Tuesday morning during the very early round up it was heart breaking, I walk Monday-Friday there. For the first time yesterday the geese where honking at 5AM which I have never heard before. I’m sure they were traumatized.”

She goes on to add that because of the actions of Denver Parks and Recreation, who are supposed to serve the citizens of Denver, that “the park had a different feeling because I knew what had been done to the geese.”

Eve Ruiz Ulloa, thank you for bearing witness to these geese and exposing the cruelty of the unnecessary action of rounding up geese from the water when they cannot fly, stuffing them into tiny crates, and trucking them off to slaughter.

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