ACTION ALERT: Stacie Gilmore, wife of Scott Gilmore, may be elevated to president of Denver’s city council TONIGHT!

Canada Geese Protection Colorado (CGPC) has learned that Stacie Gilmore (District 11) has the possibility of being voted president of Denver’s City Council tonight, July 20, 2020. The council president is elected every year on the 3rd Monday of July for a one-year term. A vote for Gilmore to serve as president is unacceptable to CGPC due to the conflict of interest, perceived or actual, presented by her husband, Scott Gilmore, holding the position of Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) Deputy Director. He is the person responsible for opting to use lethal methods of managing Canada geese in Denver.

There was enough potential for conflict of interest already, with a husband and wife simultaneously sharing high-powered positions in Denver’s government. Even if Gilmore were to recuse herself on DPR-related votes, as president she would be privy to DPR-related conversations happening in the Mayor’s office and at home. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone in that position to separate what is heard from how one votes.

The public demands greater agency in the governing body we elect. Citizen oversight of mayoral appointees must be allowed. We cannot have a City Council president with undue conflict of interest, knowingly or not, at a time when equity issues are at the forefront of municipal engagement, including the compassionate management of our parks and wildlife.  Let City Council hear from you. We urge you who understand how easily nepotism clouds transparency to take action now. Right now, before council votes on Monday night. Urge them to either elect a different person president or require Scott Gilmore’s resignation. Concentration of power is insidious and opens to the door to corruption. 

Find your city council member here.

For the geese,

Canada Geese Protection Colorado

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